Cosmo Cricket Quilting Fabric for Peace Flags

Cosmo Cricket Precut Fabric Squares

I'm slowly working on the Flags for Peace project. Last week I bought some colorful precut fabric squares called "Salt Air" by Cosmo Cricket. My plan is to do some black ink prints on top of the fabric. I didn't want to lose that sense of color when you see a string of prayer flags, but I was looking for something already pre-made so I would have one less thing to figure out.

Cosmo Cricket Precut Fabric Squares

These 5 x 5 inch fabric squares are based around the theme of the vintage beach. Summer colors and ocean-inspired motifs create a mix of delightful colors and patterns. I don't quilt, but I guessing these squares would make the perfect summer beach blanket for snoozing by the shore.

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  1. hi Beth! i'm creating a peace flag for a swap. (I'd never heard of them before)

    I'm loving the fabric you picked. I've thrifted some fabric over the last year and was thinking surely something I have would work...I need to go through it tonight and start putting it together. If I succeed, I'll post an image on my blog too. :)


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