Lake Tahoe Medicine

lake tahoe necklace jewelry sterling silver charm beth hemmila
Lake Tahoe Medicine, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver body, soul, spirit charm

I haven't been able to visit Lake Tahoe as much as I wanted to this summer, so I made this necklace to remind of its amazing healing energy.

Everybody seems to have a special place that rejuvenates them and makes them feel alive. For me, it's Lake Tahoe. I love the pine trees, turquoise water, imposing mountains, and the sunny blue skies. I tried to incorporate all these elements into my necklace and used the sterling silver Body Soul Spirit charm from Hint Jewelry to tie it all together.

What place heals and refreshes your spirit?


  1. There really aren't many places on the east coast that compare to the knock-your-eyes-out grandeur of the west, but I feel lucky to have a few close to home spots that give me that same feeling. For me, getting away from people is a must. The Pine Barrens of southern NJ, a huge tract of pine forest that covers a good deal of the south part of the state, is right at my back door. Settlers tried to farm it way back when, but the sandy soil was no good, and they gave up....there are people and small towns in some places, but mostly it's thousands of uninhabited acres of pine and cedar forests and sugar sand and clear cool cedar water creeks, stretching from maybe 15 miles outside of Philadelphia all the way to the ocean - and even though you are less than an hour from Philadelphia, and only a little further than that to NYC, you can disappear into the Pinelands and feel you are a million miles away from the rest of the world. Everything takes on a hushed, cathedral like feel. It's so quiet, so beautiful, and there is so much wildlife...it's also the home of the dreaded Jersey Devil, and more than a little creepy, especially at night....but I love it, and feel really fortunate to live here.

    My dream get away place would be the California redwoods, especially the coastal ones...I can only imagine what it must be like to stand among those trees with the fog all around. A religious experience for sure. Before I leave this world, I have to see the redwoods!

    PS -love the necklace - can't wait to see some of those chains for sale..

    1. Wow the Pine Barrens sound incredible! I remember as a kid thinking NJ was all concrete and to realize in college that it was home to the Hudson River Valley, changed all my thinking. You would LOVE the redwoods. So much majesty there!! I hope you get a chance to go there for it will blow you away. Thanks for the thumbs up on this necklace :)


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