The I Wouldn't List


Once a year I answer the following question in my journal, "If I had 30 days to live, what would I do during that time?"

I do this exercise because it cuts through any ambivalence I have about my life and brings the most important things into focus. It roots out my deepest truths.

Usually I complete this exercise in January and then revisit it again the following year. However, this year I did it three separate times (winter, spring, and summer) because I had undergone such a huge emotional growth spurt. Each time I did the exercise, my answers were so radically different then before. It's like I've been three different people in eight months. 

The last time I did this exercise, I included a new question: "What wouldn't I do during these 30 days?" Wow, was this a cool idea! Turning my question around made me see new aspects of myself that had been hidden. Here are some things from my list:

I wouldn't...

Defend how I've lived my life.
Make choices about my life based on what others want me to do.
Argue over unimportant stuff.
Stay silent.
Be afraid.

What would you do if you had only 30 days left? What wouldn't you do? And how would you go about honoring these answers?


  1. What a wonderful question! My list would be similar to yours but I'd probably move 'be afraid' to the top of the list and add 'dwell in the past.' I think I might just find a bit of time today to try this exercise out. It is such a good one.

    1. Ooo, "dwell in the past" that's such a good one!! Glad you enjoyed the exercise. I find it to be extremely liberating :)

  2. Beth!, I love this list.. it shows the strength you have as well as the chutzpah..Isn't it amazing when we step outside of that safe zone and take that chance to not be silent, not be afraid, not to argue over the small stuff and not to make choices based on what others expect and especially not to make excuses as to why one lives the way they do.. You are empowered!, woman! :-)

    1. Haha!! Thank you for connecting with my list. Now I just have to keep honoring these things. This would be truly amazing!! Glad you enjoyed this one :)


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