The Love Between Sun & Moon

sun moon yoga union necklace sterling silver charm beth hemmila
Sun & Moon, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver sun and moon charm

I had one sterling sun and moon charm left in my shop Hint Jewelry, so I decided to make a necklace that celebrated the union of these celestial energies. The combination of spectrolite, iolite, freshwater pearls, gold, and silver around my neck make me feel like I'm connected to the best show on earth -- the one happening in outer space :)

Here was story for Hint Jewelry's sun and moon charm, and I hope to have more cast this fall for the holiday season:

Brother Sun, turn back and shine your burning light on Sister Moon. Within her glow, see the reflection of the whole universe and feel the powerful union that sends you spinning out into the glorious cosmos.


  1. very pretty. I like the way you mix the gold with the silver. Can't wait to see new fall pieces!

    1. Thanks so much for loving the mix of metal!!


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