Free Jewelry Making Tutorial: Viking Knit Metal Chain

free tutorial viking knit bracelet silver metal chain jewelry
viking knit chain in fine silver

One of the first jewelry classes I took was how to make a Viking Knit bracelet. I wanted to learn this technique because I love knitting fiber, which let to a bunch of hand-knit free-form sculptures out of copper in college all based on Arline Fisch's classic book Textile Techniques in Metal.

If you love fiber arts, I think you'll enjoy this technique. While I was learning how to do Viking Knit I would take it out to the park during lunchtime and enjoy a meditative half hour with just me and some metal wire.  It's highly portable and you can work with either inexpensive copper metal wire or fine silver.

Here's a great tutorial online that I found at Wildflower Designs that describes how to do Viking Knit. Another good resource is this book Great Wire Projects by Irene From Petersen.

Alternatively, you can watch this video about how to make Viking Knit from Blue Kitty Creations by clicking here. Here is Blue Kitty Creations second video on how to finish your Viking Knit project or check out this free download from Beading Daily by designer Kathleen Pierce for other finishing ideas.


  1. I've always admired what this stuff adds to a piece of jewelry. Have you ever tumbled it, and did a bunch of shot get stuck in there?

  2. Love that you gave so many options to finding help. People learn differently. I did a piece a few years ago, but I never went back and did more. However, I love the look, too and may just pick it back up again. Thanks!

    1. Glad you liked the variety of options for learning this technique!! Hope you get a chance to pick it up again :)

  3. Hi Beth, thank you for sharing a link to my viking knit tutorial :). Viking knit is such a fun thing to do, as you say - portable, and so versatile - I love seeing the different creations people make with it!


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