Live Light & Make Light

Being Light, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)

If you are light, then my life is lighter.
If I am light, then you are lighter too.

I made this necklace to bring some light into my life and hoped it would lighten the environment around me. However, by wearing this necklace as a talisman for about a month I realized how challenging rose quartz is to work with, and you have to be open to the energy it brings into your life. As I wore this stone, I learned a lot about my ability to lighten up, love others for who they are, and to receive the love I am given in all its forms.

Here is a quote from Gems of Wisdom, Gems of Power about the energy of rose quartz:

Rose quartz can be of tremendous help in all matters of love, and working with this energy can be not unlike working with a really good personal therapist. But just like therapy, it can take time before you experience a real breakthrough, so if you choose to wear or carry this stone, it's best to be patient, don't push, and be ready to cultivate and expand your own capacity for love.

If you could wear your heart on the outside, what would it look like? What would it be made of?


  1. I don't believe in any inherent power in stones, but I do believe in their power to inspire us. I carry amethyst and rose quartz with me sometimes, I have a small tumbled piece of amethyst shaped like the native american life-line bear, and in stressful situations, I like to hold it in my hand, and I really believe it helps me to stay focused on not losing my cool, or getting too emotional.

    I don't really know how my heart would appear if I wore it on the outside. Lots of people don't "get" me, so it is hard to understand just what it is that they see. I just keep plugging along, and try to be myself, and strive to be a better, nicer, less judgmental person than I am sometimes.

    1. I like how you worded that: "the power to inspire us." What a beautiful thought!! Amethyst is such an amazing stone. I'll have to try putting those two together like you. I think you said exactly what was perhaps underneath this post, and that's the idea that it seems nearly impossible to understand what people see in us and almost wasted energy trying to "get" them to see what we see in ourselves. Thank you for sharing this insight with me and helping me go a little deeper, Deanne :)


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