Mending Body Ecourse: Seeing Yourself from the Inside Out

The Love Between Sun & Moon

I put together a few collections on Polyvore to go with my recent one-of-a-kind necklaces. While I was doing this activity, I thought to myself, "What would my soul want to wear?"

Every material object you choose is a symbol of the deepest expressions of your Self -- your true nature or soul. I'm not a person who actually purchases a lot of clothing or decorates the outside of myself with the latest fashion. However, as I asked myself this question, "What would my soul want to wear?" I realized that though my inner nature likes the simplicity of my comforting clothes, my soul is actually is a little more colorful and flamboyant. I would have never guessed that my soul actually wears glitter eyeshadow or carries a gold purse?

This exercise was a lot of fun. Not because I'm going to go run out and change my wardrobe, but because I feel a lot closer to the personality of my soul and have a better understanding of how I must look from the inside out.

This is one example of what we will be exploring in my upcoming Mending Body e-course, the second in my Mending & Mantras series, that runs October 1 - November 11, 2012.

For more information about Mending & Mantras e-courses click here.

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