Mending & Mantras: Healing Creative Time & Space

mending creative space

Last month a group of us finished up my first Mending & Mantras e-course focused on healing our relationship with creative time and space. I have to admit that in the back of my mind, I went into this class thinking I already had my creative time and space nailed. I secretly believed I wasn't struggling with this issue, so I wasn't entirely sure I was going to learn anything new.

Boy was I wrong!! A gigantic thank you to the people who participated in this group experience of examining creative time and space. You enlightened me and are still continuing to awaken me to the idea that I am only now learning how to value my creative time and space. I also learned so much about how to improve the Mending & Mantras e-course series from the generous feedback of friends on this journey.

The Mending Creative Time & Space e-course included journal projects as well as take action steps, some of which I'm still hoping to complete. However, once again the most powerful part of this process for me was writing my own positive affirmations using the 10-steps from my book Lemonade Mantras and hearing other people produce their own uplifting thoughts.

It was so exhilarating to hear the stories of other people and how they turned them around to come up with a phrase that helped heal their hidden belief. Listening to others dig into their hearts, find things that may be troubling, and discover the gift of a message was such a blessing to witness.

In October, I will begin another e-course in the Mending & Mantras series that will examine our relationship with our bodies. This will be a powerful undertaking, so if you are interested in healing the emotional and physical wounds held in your body, please stay tuned for my class sign-up that will be happening later this month.

Here are the group of positive affirmations that I wrote during our Mending & Mantras class based on trigger events (things that were upsetting or confusing to me) regarding my creative time and space.

Notice that in many instances even though the event that triggered my negative thinking had to do with creative time and space, my positive affirmations actually reveal deeper issues such as acceptance, love, peace, and connection.

I am a sacred sound from the Beloved's infinite song.
Others actions are my heart's reminders.
Awareness unfurls wings.
Live light in the light.
Om is home.
My essence creates without thought.
Mend the seeds of my story, return to the feet of the Beloved.
I help fill in the empty spaces.
When I dissolve my story, I reveal our oneness.
My shadow knows bliss.
Wisdom is the sound of my ineffable love.
Change is my soul entertaining the Beloved with a new song.

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