The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

I just finished reading The Girl Who Fell from the Sky for my book club. I really enjoyed this read! Heidi Durrow has constructed a fascinating, emotionally charged story from multiple points of view. This technique allowed me to develop empathy for characters that if I had read about them in the newspaper I may have never connected with the depth of their stories.

It's a short read and the chapters are brief but poignant. Each one filled with emotional longing and a frustrating lack of genuine communication between people.

The women in my book club focused on the main character's journey surrounding race and identity. However, I was drawn to the personal violence Heidi Durrow examines in each of her characters, their search for safety in a world that relentlessly judges us by how we look as well as our reactions to dealing with that kind of suffering.


  1. Looks like a winner! Beth.. added it to my list..

    1. This story is still kind of haunting me. There was so much in there to understand about people, that I may have to read it again. I hope you enjoy it!


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