Free Jewelry Making Tutorial: Wire Wrapped Word Bracelet

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Finding Home, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): wire wrapped word bracelet

I thought it would be fun to try wire-wrapping my own word and make a bracelet. I actually found it to be a lot harder than it looks. After practicing on cheap copper wire (which I highly recommend), I started to understand the process.

However, what I found most difficult was choosing the right word that is readable in wire and then planning how to write the letters in cursive. My best recommendation is sketching your word out on paper beforehand so you can see where you need to make the bends in the wire.

Click here to use the free tutorial by Small Good Things and learn how to wire wrap your own words in metal. She uses the word "hello" to make a ring, but like me you could add chain and some findings such as a clasp and use your wire wrapped words to create a unique bracelet, necklace, or maybe even some funky earrings.

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  1. What a great project! I like the sculptural aspect of it. Reminds me of Calder. I have a book of his work and I have long wanted to go through it and make my own versions of his iconic pieces. Thanks for sharing this!
    Enjoy the day.


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