Meeting Bear Medicine

Bear Medicine

This is a picture of the bear I met up at Lake Tahoe last month. Captured by a friend who had the presence of mind to snap a shot of this beautiful creature as she sauntered up to our group of dancing ladies, this powerful bear will be forever etched in my memory.

The night before she arrived, I woke up from a dream and pondered the idea that so much of my life has been characterized by a bear-like nature. I have both the intense yearning to nurture mixed with the primal desire to protect anything precious that I perceive as threatened.

Dances with Bears, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver bear charm

As if I painted a picture of the future with my consciousness, the next morning I came face-to-face with bear medicine.


  1. bear nature and bear medicine are powerful... you know how i feel about that animal - and the fact that you came so close to one moves me...
    it is ironic as last night after finishing a book titled 'touching spirit bear' (a young adult book that is really wonderful, i have read it twice), i wondered if i would ever have an opportunity to come close to one in the wild - and how it would impact me...
    i am so supremely happy for you - and for your acceptance of yourself...

  2. I think the bear also symbolizes a need in some of us to spend large amounts of time shut off from the world - in hibernation. Some people see that as bad, but I treasure my alone time. I love bears no more than any other animal, but felt the presence of one during a reiki session, as a huge but comfortable weight on me. I could feel and smell it's dense, warm body and fur, so strange...then, after the session was over, the practitioner asked me if I had ever studied on spirit or totem animals. We talked about it for a bit, I always found it interesting that most people pick their fav. animal as their totem, and it's always the "cool" ones - wolves, owls, ravens, etc. I mean, no one ever picks the giraffe or a grasshopper, do they? Anyway, the reiki practitioner said that while she was working on me, she felt the very strong presence of a bear. I thought that was pretty amazing, considering my feelings during the session. I had not mentioned it to her, and I would probably never choose the bear as my totem. But there it was anyway!
    Lucky for you to have seen this beautiful bear up close and in person. We have them here were I live, but they are not seen very often....I'd love to see one somewhere other than a zoo!

    1. Oh my gosh! What a cool experience...to both feel the presence spiritually and then have another person sense that in you simultaneously. What an wonderful memory to cherish. I'm so glad you tuned into this post today for I too was just thinking about how I'm enjoying my own self chosen hibernation this winter. It is precious time that I wouldn't trade for anything else and then by spring I have all this renewed creative energy. I hope you enjoy your bear time this winter and the comfort she brings! xoxo Beth


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