The Zen of Being Alone


Relationships, objects, and moments are all like library books -- borrowed but need to be returned. Sometimes I've kept things longer then intended so as avoid loneliness, but eventually I send them back. Along with relinquishing these gifts comes the understanding that they were never mine but meant for everyone to share.

All my life I've run from being alone, filling this uncomfortable space with all kinds of stuff to avoid the sensation of emptiness. However, somehow I've come to a place of being alone, which feels like the time when I've returned a book but haven't selected a new one.

Empty is where I've chosen to be for the first time in my life. What was I so afraid of? Being in love with life? Because that's the shocking thing. It's difficult to perceive, but in the midst of being alone, is the sense of wonder that the universe is overwhelming powerful and constantly in love with its creation. When I was trying to fill up on stuff so as to avoid the experience of being alone, I failed to hear the most beautiful, pulsating song of love running through my life. A song that requires nothing from me but to listen and rejoice in its magnificence.


  1. your post made me smile..i remember a time when i felt much like you described..it led to a much better place...just wanted to let you know. ♥

  2. i love the beautiful place you are entering
    the understandings that are rising from your heart

    i love your thoughts of letting go of gifts
    of relationships
    we own nothing in this world

    i find that there is much to treasure in each and all of our relationships
    and there is much to treasure when we are alone
    when i am in between relationships i cherish each moment
    knowing that my alone-ness, no one in my aura is a sacred time to explore and be with
    like all things it will change again

    thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences
    they are to be treasured


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