Nature Inspired Charm Jewelry

tree of life nature necklace charm jewelry
Tree of Life, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver tree of life charm

One of my first charm designs for Hint Jewelry was a Tree of Life. Four years later, and I'm still drawn to this image and never tire of its meaning.

The holiday season is especially wonderful because many people bring trees into their homes. When it may be cold and forbidding outside, I love how we draw even closer to nature by gathering it within our homes as if we don't want to experience separateness from its comforting beauty. Whatever your beliefs, bringing a pine tree inside the home touches on deeply embedded symbols running through our collective unconscious.

A tree is symbol of our interconnectedness. It gives fruit, shelters, and provides materials. It reaches up into the sky and down into the earth. It reminds us to be strong, to take responsibility by staying rooted, to reach out and care for others, to give what is available to us, and to be in tune with our changing seasons.

Tree of Life, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver tree of life charm

At its most basic level nature nourishes and cares for our bodies, but beyond daily sustenance, nature holds symbols that express the poetry found within our souls -- messages that have no words.

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