Enrollment for Mending Past E-course

Forgiveness promises freedom and dissolves unhealthy ties between you and another person. When you embark on a path of genuine forgiveness, you will develop the courage to understand the feelings and needs of the other person and start to believe in their basic goodness.

For a short introduction to my upcoming Mending Past e-course, the third in my Mending & Mantras series, that will run January 28 - March 3, 2013, please watch the video above.

During this five-week Mending Past e-course you will:

  • Share stories and create lasting bonds
  • Develop a more loving relationship with yourself and others
  • Heal memories of past hurts
  • Learn to live in the present and let go of the past
  • Give up changing others, turn pain into growth, and create more happiness and peace

For this five-week Mending Past e-course you will receive:

  • A free copy of the Be Forgiveness e-book and worksheets
  • Videos of Beth sharing insightful tips
  • A private Facebook group for sharing stories, connecting, and building lasting bonds with other people

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