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butterfly soul

I'm guessing inside each person is a little kid who secretly wants to learn how to draw. Being able to look at the world around you and recreate it on paper is empowering and connects you to the amazing process of creation happening all around you.

Maybe you want to create a few doodles to past the time at work, share in a hobby with your children, or perhaps be an artist. Whatever your secret desire, there are quite a few resources on the Internet for learning how to draw.

butterfly soul

Animal Cartoons

I think one of the most fun and instantly empowering drawing tools are step-by-step guides for animal cartoons. Usually they're advertised for kids, but I love pulling out one of these step-by-step guides, learning to draw something new and then adapting it to my own style so as to personalize it. Click here for free tutorials on Activity Village that give you step-by-step pictures for drawing cartoon animals.

Draw Space

The Web site Draw Space is probably the most organized and comprehensive place to learn all the elements of drawing. They teach you about supplies, negative space, light and shadow, and perspective. If you want to get more serious about learning the basics of drawing, I'd start by clicking here for Draw Space.


Maybe you've been drawing for a while, and you want to learn how to draw people, eyes, and landscapes in more detail. ArtGraphica is a Web site with some free tutorials by professional artists that teach you more advanced drawing techniques. Click here to check out the free drawing tutorials on ArtGraphica.

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