Mind & Body Wellness: Simple Yoga Sequence

One of the first simple yoga sequences I learned was Sun Salutation. As a beginner it's a great introduction to beginning yoga. Sun Salutation is something you can easily remember and do a couple times in the morning to start your day. It's better then coffee!!

As an intermediate yogi, I like coming back to the foundation of the Sun Salutation sequence to ground me and create focus when I'm feeling distracted.

I like Dashama's beginner's routine yoga video above because she keeps the instructions simple and clear.


  1. I remember when I first started doing yoga, I HATED the sun salutations. With a passion. And it seemed every teacher did way to many of them in their classes...they were just something to be got through. But then, magically, or maybe as I got better at them, I couldn't believe how great they made me feel. Truly wonderful. Maybe not quite better than a good cup of coffee - but on the same level, at least!

    1. What a neat insight! I too have a few yoga sequences that I keep hoping they will somehow disappear. You've given me inspiration to wait and be patient for this kind of teaching :) xoxo Beth


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