Seeking Heartwood: Buddhism in America by Adam Eurich

This was a promotional video for a Kickstarter campaign that I discovered back in October, where Adam Eurich, a spiritual seeker, went on a 21-month long road trip to film a documentary about Buddhism in America called Seeking Heartwood.

Seeking Heartwood is an amazing project where viewers are going to see first hand how Buddhism is shaping Americans lives and thinking in the 21st century. We are also going to hear interviews from some of the most gifted wisdom teachers living in our midst today.

I can't wait for Seeking Heartwood to come together so I can experience and affirm that people are building alternative ways of being in a consumption and production society.

I have so much appreciation for Adam Eurich's desire to search for new answers and to walk a path of love, contemplation, and trust. I have no doubt that Seeking Heartwood is going to be a meaningful and soulful exploration into the Buddha's teachings.

The Kickstarter campaign ended, but you can still donate money to Adam Eurich's project by visiting the Seeking Heartwood Web site.

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