I Think Therefore I'm Dangerous

button i think therefore i'm dangerous i am
i think

I bought this button in my 20s when I saw myself as funny and smart. To me this button was a badge of honor and symbolized the feeling that creative intelligence often felt like a threat to others.

By the age of 25 I felt that being creative and intelligent was dangerous when you're trying to fit in.

Twenty years later and now when I look at this button, I chuckle over my youthful arrogance. Now I see that my thinking, and more importantly my attachment to the perspective of my thinking is a danger to me and all those around me.

It's only when I loosen the hold on my thinking and acknowledge I know nothing for certain that I disable the ticking time bomb in my head.

Click on these links to download two exercises that will help unravel your thinking:

Make Concrete Observations

Mind Tricks


  1. I wish I had a button like that!. When I was younger my mom told me ' your mouth will get u in trouble!'.. she said it facetiously.. and we know that word alone says alot... and yes, it may have raised some eyebrows- then again, there are times where I could kick myself for NOT saying a word. Now, I just go for it... What's the worse that can happen? :-)

  2. I just realized, its only dangerous to others because they may not be ready to hear the truth or information... or the fact that someone else has figured it out in ways that the one who may be threatened by it because they couldn't come to the same conclusion... hmm is that arrogance? or just fact?

    1. I know! This simple phrase has so many meanings wrapped up in it. I'm always learning something new from this button. Thanks for your insights!! xoxo Beth


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