Mind & Body Wellness: Personal Care Package

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personal care package

I have a personal care package that I pull out when life feels rough or I realize that I could do with some nurturing.

I put on Pandora's Aretha Franklin station, listen to Motown music, dance around the room, and look through my personal care package to remember the connection and love I feel for the world.

What's in my personal care package?

  • Thank you cards from friends
  • Famous quotes that lift my spirits
  • Mantras I've written
  • Pictures of my cats
  • Scraps of fur I kept after my cats died 
  • Poetry 

What's in your personal care package? What helps you remember the love?


  1. Wow!, I love that photo of your kitty!... I don't have a box of things- they're in different places in my bedroom.. I've kept each kid's first shoes, one of their outfits I liked.... the sling my son was in and happened to be the first and only sling I owned... Kept some of their art projects/reports.. Cards, letters... as well as photos... also my journals dealing w/loss, decisions made....all memories that have changed me..

    1. Thanks! It's my favorite photo of him. Oh I bet those shoe are so cute. There is something about first shoes that just says how vulnerable and innocent we all are. Thanks for sharing what's in your stash of love items :)


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