Savor the Unexpected

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seek the unexpected

I love the theater. As I was reflecting on my past, I realized that every job, activity, and personal habit has somehow been designed to capture the unexpected moments in life's performance.

Secretly I'm seeking and savoring those awkward and unexpected moments that say: "I'm not planned. This feels completely alive."

Mispronouncing words in a speech, unknowingly igniting a conflict, hitting a wrong note in a song, forgetting what you were going to say in front of a group of people, making a joke where nobody laughs, and missing the shot: All these things that feel like I'm tripping over myself are the wake up call that tells me I'm on a "trip" -- the head trip called reality.

All the spontaneous, unplanned, and unexpected moments that I collect and savor wake me up because truly this is the most creative part of who I am. They arise out of nowhere, take me off script, and remind me of my most natural self -- a pure innocence that normally I relegate to the back forty of my psyche.

Chemically speaking one of the ways to maintain happiness is through increased levels of dopamine in the brain. Scientists have determined that one of the easiest ways to do this is by not adapting to your environment but rather changing things up so as to remain curious.

You don't have to create drastic changes, but rather think of yourself as an explorer looking for new observations. For instance, when you take a walk outside, try a new route or go the other direction; leave at a new time of day and check out the difference in the weather and sky; say hello to different people and ask them questions; observe the transitions in the trees and flowers; and be on the lookout for wildlife so as to watch their changing habits throughout the year.

Finally, become more aware of and savor those unexpected awkward moments that come into your life. See them as tiny firecrackers that go off in your normally well managed day. They keep things real, alive, and creative.

What's one unexpected moment you can savor today? 


  1. You have reminded me that life is an adventure…TY

    1. That's so awesome! You summed up in one short phrase what I was trying to convey to myself in so many words. Right back at you...thank you :)


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