What Is Your Soul Doing?

sterling silver jewelry cross rosary christian rabbit milagro necklace easter
Surrender, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver milagro cross

What do you do?

This question is a common conversation starter between strangers, but when I'm asking or answering, I often hear my own underlying frustration: "What is it that we really do? What the heck am I really doing?"

The answer that I usually give is in regards to job, family responsibilities, community activities, and special interests. However, the other day I was wondering if I have another answer that lurks below the surface: The one I want to say, but feel too silly to voice aloud.

"What do I do?" has always been answered in regards to what my body and mind are doing, but what if the subtler question is "What is my soul doing?"

As soon as I asked myself this question, I heard an answer loud and clear that dissolved any other label I've applied to what I'm doing. More importantly, it feels like the only work I'm here to do.

I'm doing the practice of surrender.

This doesn't mean I know how to surrender or that I'm doing it particularly well. In fact, anyone who is close to me is probably laughing because they are quite aware of how much I wrestle with, cajole, argue against, deny, rebel, tease, resist, and avoid anything that feels remotely like surrender. 

However, my struggle is the essence of what I believe is practice -- I just keep dancing with surrender and stay open to whatever arrives.

What is your soul doing? 
What is your most important practice? 
What is the work you are here to do?

Surrender, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)


  1. I just love that cross Beth! I know you toyed around with the idea of making them to sell - do you know if you will?

    1. Thanks so much for loving this piece! This cross was a model I made to have it cast in multiples for my shop, but alas I made the loop too thin and they couldn't make a mold from it. So far I haven't made another one, but keep hoping it will happen some day :)


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