Mind & Body Wellness: How to Do Lake Meditation

lake meditation

Water can dissolve, absolve, wash away and regenerate.
Water represents the cosmos in its entirety.
It is the liquid counterpart of light.

- Dorothy May, Archetypal Reiki

The Lake Meditation (20 – 30 Minutes)

  1. Because a lake is an expanse of water lay down for this meditation.
  2. Water is receptive.
  3. See an image of a lake in your mind’s eye. Feel how it pools in a large basin formed by the earth. The water seeks to be contained. It can be deep or shallow.
  4. See that when there is no wind, the lake is like a mirror, reflecting trees, sky, sunlight, clouds, and rock. When the wind appears, ripples move across the lake and the clear reflections disappear. When night comes, the still image of the moon and stars are reflected on the lake. And in winter, the water may freeze over but life is stirring underneath the surface.
  5. Allow yourself to become the image of a lake.
  6. The openness and compassion of your awareness holds you just like the earth holds the lake.
  7. Allow your mind and heart to be open and receptive like the lake.
  8. Breathe with the image of the lake and experience moments of stillness and clarity.
  9. See your thoughts and impulses as ripples disturbing the surface of the lake and then gently watch them fade.
  10. Become the stillness and calm below the surface of the lake.
  11. Hold in your awareness and accept all the qualities of mind and body as the lake sits cradled and contained by the earth, reflecting the sun, moon, stars, trees, clouds, sky, birds, etc.

Adapted from Wherever You Go There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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