Raw Food Recipe: The Queen's Strawberry Shortcake and Clotted Cream

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raw food recipe: the queen's strawberry shortcake and clotted cream

Warmer weather has arrived and one my favorite summer food memories is delving into a pile of juicy strawberries paired with sweet, buttery biscuits and topped with a dollop rich, whipped cream.

These days I've been trying to remain dairy and gluten free so fulfilling my strawberry shortcake fix needed a new solution. This raw food recipe for strawberry shortcake combines all the flavors and textures I love but without using flour, butter, refined sugar, or real cream.

This raw food strawberry shortcake with clotted cream reminds me of having English tea with the Queen for it's both decadent and delicate all at the same time.

Raw Food Recipe: The Queen's Strawberry Shortcake and Clotted Cream

Serves 2

2 cups fresh sliced strawberries

1/2 cup raw macademia nuts
1/3 cup raw Brazil nuts
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon raw honey (add more for a sweeter flavor)
2 pinches sea salt

Clotted Cream:
1 cup raw cashews
1/2 cup  coconut oil (softened at room temperature)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon raw honey (add more for a sweeter flavor)
1/2 cup water

  1. Place the macademia and Brazil nuts together in a bowl and fill it with water. Let the nuts soak for 2 hours.
  2. Place the cashews in a separate bowl, cover with water, and let them soak for at least 2 hours.
  3. For the shortcakes, drain and rinse the macademia and Brazil nuts and place them in the food processor with salt. Blend the nuts until finely chopped. 
  4. Add the lemon juice and honey to the food processor. Blend until the nuts are a dough-like consistency. 
  5. Shape the nut-dough into round cakes by hand. Alternatively, you can grease a muffin tin with some olive oil and press the dough into the forms or use cupcake liners. Place the muffin tin in the freezer for about an hour and then use a knife to gently release the round shaped cakes or peel off the cupcake papers.
  6. To make the clotted cream, drain and rinse the cashews. Place the cashews in a high-speed blender. A Vitamix blender works best. 
  7. Add the coconut oil, vanilla, honey, and water. Blend until the mixture has the consistency of thick melted ice cream. 
  8. To serve, layer the shortcake, clotted cream and top with fresh strawberries.

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