The End of Your Life Book Club

If you are a lover of books, read this book. It's hard to describe exactly how touching this story is for Will Shwalbe has so delicately woven the love of books into the process of living and dying.

In The End of Your Life Book Club the author Will Schwalbe relates the story of his mother, her diagnosis of incurable pancreatic cancer, and the subsequent experience of reading books with her until the end of her life.

During these intimate book club meetings for two, the author learns more deeply about his mother, discovers lessons for living, and even uncovers the secret behind how his cherished stuffed turtle "died."

Most importantly, it suggests that the stories found within books can be a medium for talking about difficult things and connect us in ways that casual conversation doesn't allow. Books are "how you can take part in the human conversation"' and give you an opportunity to delve into the private lives, feelings, and thoughts of other people so you have a chance to see humanity in a new way. Stories are one of the greatest tools available to us for developing empathy and compassion for family, friends, strangers, and people we may loathe or fear. Lastly, the experience of reading books and engaging in the stories with others is one of the ways we can become closer and stay close during life and after one's death.

Click here to find a list of books discussed in The End of Your Life Book Club.


  1. I enjoyed Breakfast with Buddha other book that you recommended, so I will add this to my reading list. Thank you.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed Breakfast with Buddha, Claire! I hope you like this one too :)


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