Autism Awareness Charm Necklace

autism awareness sterling silver charm necklace beth hemmila hint jewelry
Autism Awareness Necklace, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver puzzle piece charm

This puzzle piece charm was an early design I created to honor, support, and bring awareness to families touched by autism spectrum disorder. Some interpret this symbol as representing the mystery of autism -- a puzzle not yet solved.

However, when I created this charm, I saw the puzzle piece as a symbol of our interconnectedness and the innate desire within all of us to fit in. One of our most essential needs as human beings is to belong to something greater than ourselves and to contribute to our partners, families, and communities.

Within the dynamic of autism, families live with the fear that their child might be left out of the whole picture. The desire of any parent is the hope their child will grow, know love, and be safe. To wonder every day if your child will find the care and protection they need once you're gone is a frightening burden of trust to bear.

This autism awareness charm necklace is a talisman of sorts -- a bond of trust between you and the future that your child fits into the whole of love and by grace will be given everything he or she needs.

From the beginning, you fit perfectly into the cosmic puzzle of interconnectedness. Learning to love the odd shapes and rough edges of your soul, you play with a greater imagination and know that each person is the most perfect expression of creation.

You can build your own autism awareness necklace by purchasing the puzzle piece charm by clicking here. Then add your choice of chain, leather cord, and birthstone by clicking here.

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