East Meets West Sanctuary

cross lotus blossom flower sterling silver necklace charm hint jewelry beth hemmila
East Meets West, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver cross and lotus flower charms

by Beth Hemmila

Buddha and Jesus,
sacred twins hurled from the chasm of the Divine Mother --
Holy Universe.
One carrying the message I am nothing
the other love.
In the backwater sanctuary of my heart,
I hear you both laughing,
dancing on cosmic threads,
spinning words, weaving magic,
and blending in ecstatic union.
Trample on my bones and flesh, sweet brothers.
Take root and turn me into hallowed ground.

It's taken nearly 20 years for me to make peace between my Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs. When I was hanging out with Buddhists and Taoists, I would hide my desire for clapping and singing, spiritual dance, the word "God," effusive expressions of love, and feasts. With my Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish friends I'd seal my lips when it came to extolling the wisdom of meditation, yoga, and silence. Like a sister moving between two feuding brothers, I secretly hated my spiritual predicament. I wanted each group to appreciate what I saw in the other. Sometimes it happened, but more importantly I've stopped trying to make one see the other and just sink into my own inner knowing -- what I have come to believe for myself: I have a soul and she wants to learn from everything.

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  1. i think that is the most liberating way to practice - we can learn something from everyone and every encounter. i found that myself when i would feel like i had to 'choose' - it's nonsense naturally. all you have to do is be the best you possible - and to get there in whatever way makes your soul sing!


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