Forgiveness, Agape & Grace

It seems that all my bridges have been burned
But, you say that's exactly how this grace thing works
It's not the long walk home that will change this heart,
But the welcome I receive with the restart.

Being able to freely forgive others without wanting anything in return directly correlates to how much empathy, compassion, and forgiveness you have developed for your own self. That seems counter intuitive and perhaps a little selfish -- as if you don't have any humility. However, your love for others can only be as big and gracious as it is for yourself.

This is a truth I have realized through learning how to forgive and also by having a meditation practice of loving-kindness. Empathy, compassion, and forgiveness begins with you. Welcome home the part of you that is ashamed, broken, angry, and afraid. Work with your material first and then watch the immensity of empathy, compassion, and forgiveness you have offered yourself flow outward towards others. This is a bigger love than you perhaps first imagined. It is agape -- a love that is wide open, selfless, and accepting of everyone and everything. The kind that doesn't have anything attached to it and works through you by grace.

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  1. I saw and read Into The Wild... naturally the book was better... The lead reminded me a lot of my ex bf and funny, he was told by others the same thing... The character was deeply flawed which bothered me... because he was such a sad person also someone that did not fit in... The old man is very wise and his words are true... So, do u still love if you don't forget but yet forgive? I've been hurt by two people... deeply, I don't know if I have forgiven- I think time just lessens the anger, so it seems as tho one has forgiven... I know I never forget, I learn from it and try to not let me fall into that pit again.

    1. Wow, we must be attracted to the same men! I have a couple of ex's who remind me of this particular character. Like you I thought the book was really well written. In fact, almost more difficult to read because the author didn't sugar coat the main character. The movie kind of romanticized him more and made him a little more likeable.

      You bring up an interesting idea with your question. Personally, I can't say that I ever forget but I'm gradually learning how to forgive and replace troubled thoughts with something akin to compassion. I think that's a type of love. And I see what you mean, you don't want to forget because in a way that's how we learn to make healthy choices in the future. Thanks for sharing this insight!

    2. did u notice in the movie they changed some of the facts? one part had was the way he died... its almost they wanted to 'glamorize' it... parts about how they went back after he died didn't add up w/the book... that made me question how movie makers love to twist a story to make it more marketable/dramatic for the public.

    3. I did notice the changes, and it definitely felt like they made it more marketable. Especially imagining some of the relationships that didn't feel that dramatic in the book for me.


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