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I had an idea a couple years ago to create a Happiness List. A sort of recipe for jump starting the happy in your life -- a way to feel lighter when life got you down.

Many of the the things on my Happiness List you've probably already done, but you may have abandoned along the way, while others could stimulate a whole new way of looking at the world and propel you outside your comfort zone.

There are 100 ideas on this list, and I wonder what would happen if you did one a day for 100 days...

To download your FREE copy of Beth's Happiness List click here.

For a sneak peek here are a few ideas from the Happiness List:

  1. Put bananas on everything 
  2. Leave a funny joke on a stranger’s windshield
  3. Follow a butterfly 
  4. Wear your fat pants all week
  5. Make silly faces in the mirror
  6. Hang out at the swings
  7. Let a kid beat you at a game
  8. Go bowling and try for gutter balls
  9. Go roller skating and request your favorite song
  10. Switch something from forwards to backwards
  11. Have a tailgate party in the parking lot after work
  12. Make a snow angel

To have me facilitate a workshop or retreat on learning how to cultivate more happiness in your life, check out my Web site here.

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