Better Than a Cuppa Joe

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cuppa joe

Loving kindness meditation is better than a cup of coffee in the morning. It wakes you up.

I discovered that after doing loving kindness meditation in the morning, I felt energized, motivated, and peaceful with a kind of happiness buzz surrounding me all day.

Usually I engage in loving kindness meditation at night, and it puts my heart and mind in a restful place before going to sleep, but I never thought how it could impact my whole day.

In addition, my friend Mary Jane sent me a link to an article by Sharon Salzberg called "Facets of Metta" where she explores some of the benefits of doing loving kindness meditation as described by the Buddha:

  1. You will sleep easily.
  2. You will wake easily.
  3. You will have pleasant dreams.
  4. People will love you.
  5. Devas (celestial beings) and animals will love you. 
  6. Devas will protect you. 
  7. External dangers (poisons, weapons, and fire) will not harm you.
  8. Your face will be radiant.
  9. Your mind will be serene.
  10. You will die unconfused.
  11. You will be reborn in happy realms.

If feels natural to integrate a prayer practice before sleep -- a closing to your day -- but why not also try opening your heart in the morning. See if it changes your perspective and has an influence on anything you do or say throughout the day. To learn how to do a loving kindness meditation click here.

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