Etsy Selling Tips: Create My Own Business Website Using Wordpress

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As an Etsy seller eventually you may want to expand your business to sell wholesale or establish an identity separate from the Etsy community. To develop a separate business identity, you will want to create your own business Website. One of the easiest ways to do this is using an open source platform such as Wordpress.

The advantages of using Wordpress to create your business Website is that it is easy to use, looks great, offers lots of user support through forums, has tons of free templates and unique plugins, and is capable of using different ecommerce solutions. After researching how to create a Website by reading a bunch of books, I settled on Wordpress because it seemed like the easiest solution for a DIY Website, and I didn't want to spend a lot of time figuring out the design or techical aspects of maintaining more complex software.

Here are the basic steps for creating your own business Website using Wordpress:
  1. Research and decide on a domain name. This is so important!!! Spend a lot of time on finding the right domain name for your business.
  2. Purchase hosting and register your domain name. The Hostgator Baby Plan is a good one and you can also register your domain name here.
  3. Install Wordpress. This can be done through Hostgator. Keep Wordpress up to date, create backups, and use a security plugin to keep your information safe.
  4. Install your preferred Wordpress theme. The theme template is the look and feel of your Website and can be changed. You can find themes for free or purchase one from ThemeForest, WooThemes, and StudioPress.
  5. Add pages to your WordPress Website such as Home, About, Contact, Product/Services, and Blog.
  6. Develop a logo for your Website and upload it as the header.
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