Finding Trust in Yes

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finding trust

By Gary Rosenthal

Like a vast and gracious Host, welcome
and say “yes” to this
“yes” to this and “yes”
to every this…

Your true life arrives constantly
when you’ve set up your little shop
at the intersection of Now and Yes….

Recognize all things as Emissaries
and Manifestations of a greater and mysterious Will
and all that is as a form of support…
(though what is being supported may not be your ego).

When you welcome each present moment
unendingly, time ceases, and you yourself
become part of IT, the Divine Presence…

This Presence is subtle and buoyant
and supports your awareness effortlessly
the way water holds up a boat…

So let your awareness be vast and inclusive
as if the whole world is taking place
inside your mind… 

Hear everything…
see everything… feel everything…
with this simple greeting on your lips:

This poem is included in anthology of spiritual writing entitled 365 Nirvana Here and Now: Living Every Moment in Enlightenment, edited by Josh Baran, and published by Element Books. 

Several months ago I was sent this poem by Gary Rosenthal, and it came at just the right time for I had been meditating on the idea of complete acceptance. It sounds so simple but often proves more difficult for my mind to grasp.

Instead of getting lost in the semantics of acceptance -- letting it go, letting it be, dropping a thought, etc. -- I loved his simple teaching of just saying "Yes" to everything. It's so liberating to say "Yes" to your bike's flat tire, a misunderstanding with a friend, and the dinner you burned on the stove. As soon as you say "Yes" to anything you engage in complete trust of yourself, the experience, and life as it presents itself. The more I kept saying "Yes" the more I felt supported and loved by everything and everyone around me.

As I kept meditating on acceptance, "Yes," and trust, I came to find something else -- another simple greeting that I can meet every moment with whether I like it or not. When I say this phrase all my fear dissolves into trust: "Thank You."

I am deeply indebted to Gary Rosenthal for sharing this teaching with me and allowing me to post his message of "Yes" on my blog.

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