Mind & Body Wellness: Tune and Claim Your Soul


Last January, on epiphany Sunday, each congregant at my church was given a random word to meditate on for the season. I was given the word "TUNE."

At first I was uncomfortable with this particular word, but then as people shared their insights, and I started noticing its deeper meaning, I became invested in incorporating the gift of "tune" into my life. 

Later during the season of Lent, I was given a second random word: "CLAIM." Arghhh! Another difficult word for me to wrap my head around. In fact, one of my personal struggles is to actually stake a claim on the territory of my life.

Both these words can mean so many different things, but for me eventually the message I heard was that I am ready to tune in to my soul and claim my life.

I realized that maybe "claim" is not so much about ownership, but rather a responsibility you are given. Perhaps each of us is tasked with a claim, and we are the caretaker of this parcel of life -- our body, relationships, talents, and work. We are beholden to them all. This plot of life, your territory of love, is the claim God has deeded to your soul.

To learn more about tuning and claiming your soul click here to download a free worksheet.

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