Wolf: Instinctual & Resilient

sterling silver wolf pendant charm beth hemmila hint jewelry women run wolves
Motherland, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver wolf pendant

By Beth Hemmila

Sing with the trees.
Hunt moonbeams.
Listen to the wilderness in your breath.
Bless the earth with a running dance.
Breed stars.
Trust the freedom of your instincts.
Claim the bones of your soul.
Endure when others seek to tame you.
Surrender your heart to the Great Beyond.

This wolf pendant for Hint Jewelry took about five years to make. I could never quite decide on the right design. Inspired by one of my favorite books Women Who Run with The Wolves, I wanted this pendant to embody everything I've learned from the myths and stories contained within.

If you are a woman, and you have never read Women Who Run with The Wolves, I hope you get a chance to do so. It has been my companion for over 20 years, continually shaping and supporting my life's journey.

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  1. i love your poem!
    the pendant i find to be wild and beautiful

    bravo ~


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