Mind & Body Wellness: 5 Signs of Emotional Maturity

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I read once that an emotionally mature person will exhibit five key characteristics: decisiveness, taking responsibility, belief in a higher purpose, intimacy, and understanding and communicating feelings and needs.

Many of us didn't have role models or mentors for these five traits growing up, so as adults we are given the opportunity to continually work on these characteristics of maturity.

The other day I realized that the 10-step process in my Lemonade Mantras book touches on all five attributes. If you want to explore this concept further, click here to download a free copy of my ebook Lemonade Mantras and use the guide below for working with the different characteristics of maturity.

5 Signs of Emotional Maturity

Exhibits Decisiveness
Make Personal Requests – Lemonade Mantras Step 8

Takes Responsibility
Acknowledge Judgments & Take Responsibility – Lemonade Mantras Steps 5, 7

Believes In A Higher Purpose (Believes in Something Larger than Self)
Make Personal Requests, Activate Your Imagination – Lemonade Mantras Steps 8, 9

Cultivates Close Relationships (Intimacy)
Empathy for Others – Lemonade Mantras Chapter 14

Understands And Communicates Feelings And Needs
Make Concrete Observations, Body Awareness, Identifying Feelings, Uncovering Core Needs - Lemonade Mantras Steps 1, 2, 3, 4

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