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dharma bike

When you wake up in the morning and realize with conscious awareness and humility that you know absolutely NOTHING and EVERYTHING because there is NO-THING to know, maybe this is finally wiping a bit of the sleep out of your eyes and truly awakening.
- Beth Hemmila

One night I had a dream about my bike turned upside down with the back wheel spinning. As I stared closer and closer at that spinning wheel, I had the visceral sensation that the whole of life is contained in this experience.

When I awoke, I believed I was teaching myself about the Dharma or the natural law of the universe. It wasn't fancy words or thoughts but rather this intuitive understanding or sensation of what it is like to be on that wheel and feel the constant churning.

Life is that wheel spinning, continually rotating, changing without our consent. We'd like to stop the wheel by saying, "This experience is so uncomfortable I want to avoid it" or "This is so pleasurable I want to keep repeating it over and over." However, the wheel doesn't stop according to our wishes rather it keeps grinding away with a Divine intent that we don't have the consciousness to fully imagine.

We have no control over the wheel's momentum. It never stops and settles on ONE WAY (the way we most want it to be). Instead it is a cascade of WAYS that washes over us again and again. Never ceasing.

However, if you look towards the center there is a hub from which all the spokes emerge. It is a constant, and it never changes. All WAYS rotate through the center like clothing you put on and take off for the day, but underneath your body stays the same. The center is your true self, some people call it your soul or Buddha nature. It's naked, unmasked energy that is most powerful in its vulnerability. This center doesn't grasp at the wheel to stop it from turning, but rather lets things come and go freely.

Your soul understands the turning of the wheel is simply the creation of intangible things or temporary masks over reality and that there is NO-THING to hold on to.

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  1. such wonderful insight you found in your dream
    perhaps more than insight, tangible knowingness. Again, thank you.


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