On Chesil Beach

ian mcewan on chesil beach book review
On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan is more like a play in five acts rather than a novel. It's so short you can read it in a day.

I can't say I fell in love with On Chesil Beach, but it definitely sticks with you. Several weeks later and I'm still thinking about it. Ian McEwan knows how to get under your skin and unearth the truth about our collective shame and regret.

On Chesil Beach tells the story of a young couple on their honeymoon night. Set during the 1960s these two inexperienced lovers have a misunderstanding that sends cataclysmic shock waves through their relationship.

The bigger story is about how something so seemingly small can have extraordinary consequences on our lives. Sadly these misunderstandings happen a lot, and many times our misperceptions change the course of events, shaping our future.

It's a story about the unspoken things between people. And throughout the whole book I felt a painful yearning, that innate desire to hear others with a patience that we seldom choose and to have that experience in return.


  1. Wow, last book I read from him was Atonement... and u are right how something small can be misconstrued, or made something major enough to affect more than the intended.

  2. Yes! Atonement has stuck with me in that way too. How a child's vision of the world can affect so much more than we think.


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