Lose Everything

I lost everything,
I have found myself.
- Rumi

This is one of the greatest teachings, and something I have found hard to swallow. But if you start to see that what you are attached to -- relationships, identity, career, money, beliefs, and institutions -- as simply refuges, places where you hide out because it feels safe, then you can begin to let go. If not, there is a built in plan to take care of this letting go for you. And what you don't choose to let go of, life will eventually ask you to hand over.

Life helps you awaken by stripping away all your refuges.
- Beth Hemmila


  1. That quote is so true! Losing a relationship is hard but I have learned so much about myself, and about people...Life lessons can be so damn hard.. the older we get the lessons are harder don't u think? lol

    1. Yes, I do believe they are getting more challenging with age!

  2. very powerful, beth.
    we have all we need, are all we need - so why are we so afraid of being alone with it? do we fear the infinite possibility?

  3. perhaps....
    life is always asking of us
    attempting to inspire us
    to come from our innate stance of love
    everything else must be stripped away

    you said it much more simply: Life helps you awaken by stripping away all your refuges.


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