Mind & Body Wellness: Simplicity & Letting Go of Possessions

simple living

I belong to a group called "Simplicity." The circle started as a way to engage in the practice of simplifying all aspects of your life: work, lifestyle, possessions, etc.

I think one area of simplification that many of us struggle with is getting rid of things. Sometimes we draw objects into our lives, which weigh us down.

I've downsized my life several times. In fact, I like to go around boasting that I live like a gypsy and can pick up and move at any time. However, the truth is I've just shrunk the scale of what I cling to and have created a whole new illusion of freedom.

When I was younger I collected bits of junk from the side of the road that I thought would make great pieces of art. Now my habit is to collect beads the size of a bug that I squirrel away in boxes so no one can see how embarrassing my accumulation habit might actually be.

Collecting objects is tricky. Acquiring more than you actually need or will use is a slippery slope that I slide down quite frequently. However, the other day as I cleaned out a closet and rearranged my apartment to create more light and ease, I noticed that this process of getting rid of stuff is an amazing meditation in learning how to let go. In many ways, the small deaths of objects prepares you for your final exit -- your own death.

Fear of death is something I'm guessing we all wrestle with at some point so wouldn't it be interesting to use de-cluttering as a practice in learning how to let go of what we believe is holding us to this life. Letting go of possessions could be the dress rehearsal for being at peace with your ultimate surrender.

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  1. Very inspiring post. Thank you Beth - This is something I need to make time to do myself. Too much stuff.

    1. I'm so glad this idea speaks to you Lisa! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own thoughts about your clutter. I realized things had gotten a little funny when I was holding onto empty boxes in the off chance I might need to store something!! Haha :)


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