Nature's Children

Oldest Living Organisms on Earth
walking wisdom

One day I looked up on Internet the age of the oldest creature. I was stunned! I really had no idea how many living organisms have a longer lifespan than humans.

What kind of wisdom would humans carry if we lived over 200 years?

From this discovery, I began to see that we are but small children here on earth, and there are giants of wisdom in the natural world that have lived 2 or 3 of our lifetimes.

I feel safe putting my trust in what tortoises, whales, fish, and other assorted lifeforms have to teach me.


  1. From the pets I have had, I've learned how unconditional they are... and how forgiving...Turtles have always been a favorite.. maybe its their relaxed manner they have... slow and steady seems to prevail.. same w/dolphins and any sea life- such ease and patience and their survival mode seems to not be overly aggressive as in other animals.

    1. I love your insights! This sense that dolphins are at ease with their environment. I never thought of them that way before and it's so beautiful to consider :) Happy Labor Day to you!! xoxo Beth

    2. the way dolphins swim reminds me of my friend who was an ex-pro but teaches swimming to kids.... the way she rotated in the water was with such ease...she could rotate the way otters do. As far as the turtle- u ever notice how we rush to do things, then somehow we always mess whatever it is up? A rushed job doesn't work unless u know what the heck you're doing.

    3. How neat! What a beautiful memory of your friend. I do notice that I feel more relaxed in water...sometimes it can just be submersed in my bathtub!! I do notice how everything seems to fall apart when I rush and forget to do things slowly and with intent. It's something I constantly need to remind myself to do, especially in the kitchen :)

  2. such a wonderful thing to consider.
    i so agree, there is much to learn and i have thought often at how young humanity is.


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