The Mint Recipe Book

Mint Recipes by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry
One day on Facebook I asked what to do with leftover mint.

The responses people shared were fascinating to me, so I thought I'd post them not only because it's fun to learn new ways to use an herb, but also to celebrate the idea of collaboration.

Sometimes I forget the incredible communal power that can be experienced by interacting on social media such as Facebook. In a modern society where we might struggle to feel a part of small communities that support and share wisdom, social media can sometimes remind us that our interconnectedness truly exists and be the inspiration to reach out to those around us.

Thank you to all my friends on Facebook who shared these amazing ideas for how to use mint!
Peace and love,


  • Tabouli
  • Mint and melon salad
  • Lettuce spring rolls with mint
  • Add mint to salsa
  • Add mint to quinoa with other little crunchy things (e.g., seeds, celery, etc.) for an interesting cold salad 
  • Mint with peas
  • Banh Xeo (Asian Crepes) 
  • Fattoush Salad
  • Mint in sushi with cucumber, avocado, ground macadamia nuts, chives, basil, pickled ginger, wasabi and a sweet/spicy dipping sauce.  
  • Mint in meatballs (amazing with beef/pork meatballs and a touch in the marinara)
  • Rice wrappers filled with mint, coriander, bean sprouts, pickled lemon and curried fish


  • Mojitos
  • Instant Mojito cubes: put everything in a blender with lime juice, sugar and ginger ale or other soda, then make into ice cubes. Or do it healthier with just the lime juice and mint. Plop frozen cubes into water or blend into smoothies.
  • Mint is good with green or ginger tea
  • Make some mint water or iced mint tea and float some cucumbers in there too
  • Sassy Water by A Sweet Simple Life (fruit and mint infused water)
  • Mint and peach flavored iced tea
  • Use a dehydrator to dry it and use it for mint tea
  • Iced green tea, orange slices, and mint
  • Mint Julep


  • Hang mint sprigs all over the house for a fresh scent
  • Place a muslin bag of it in your shower
  • Dip mint leaves in egg whites, then in sugar and let dry on wax or parchment paper for at tasty treat
  • Freeze mint in an ice cube tray with olive oil; pop out once frozen and keep in a plastic bag for later
  • Make mint pesto then freeze in ice cube trays for future use
  • If you dislike spiders, you could tie little bundles of mint to hang in the corners of your rooms to keep them away


  1. Is this mint... the name of your company? I never put the two together.

    Thank you for sharing this. I agree, there really is a communal power as we share on line.

    I love mint tea, peppermint and spearmint.
    Also i use the oil for so many things, tummy ache, nausea, headaches, uplifting spirit. It really is a lovely healer.

    sweet day to you.

  2. Good-o. I don't have left over mint but I have a ton of fresh mint growing at my back door. I never know what to do with it all except enjoy it's beautiful smell as I walk by it.


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