A Warm & Cozy White Bean Salad

Warm and Cozy White Bean Salad by Beth Hemmila
white bean salad

I love eating legumes all year round, but the cooler weather definitely gets my taste buds hankering for a bowl of warm beans. One of my favorite legumes for soups and salads is the humble white bean. The other day I cooked up a batch of white beans and made a tasty dressing to toss over them. I like to serve these beans warm over a bed of lightly sauteed kale. Here are the ingredients I included in my dressing:

Red onion
Lemon juice
Olive oil


  1. I love the colors! These colors belong in a necklace... :-)

    1. What a great idea! I love these colors too.

    2. thanks for sharing this...just picked up some baby kale, will give this a try today.

    3. Nice! I love baby kale. It's hard to find around here. Have fun making your bowl of beans :)


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