Autumn & The Dark Ages

autumn weaver

I love all seasons, but I do have a special kinship with fall. I seem to come to a place of more peace as I draw closer and closer to the inward nature of my soul.

When I was in college, I took a history class on the Middle Ages. From the start, the professor sparked my interest by exclaiming that what we have dubbed the Dark Ages was actually a very exciting time of creativity and change -- a time of transitioning from dark into light. He then proceeded to teach one of the most memorable and absorbing classes I have ever encountered and consequently changed my whole perception of Medieval Europe.

In doing so, he helped me see that the seemingly dark periods of my own life can be embraced as beautiful moments of transition used to foster creativity. The Dark Ages of your life can be a time of germination and contemplation where you experience the loss or death of old ways of being and make space for something new.

Autumn is nature's symbolic reminder of this process of transitioning into the dark to make way for the light. May you experience this gentle time where you go within to start weaving new threads that will be ready to emerge in the spring.


  1. The timing of your thoughtful post is perfect for me. Thank you - always enjoy your insights.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Janet!! I'm so glad you got something out of this message. Blessings, Beth


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