Free Jewelry Making Tutorials: Salvaging & Reusing Hardened Precious Metal Clay

Anyone who has worked with precious metal clay and is reading this post is probably having flashbacks to that moment of dread when your clay unexpectedly hardens while you off doing other things. Months later you return to play with your metal clay, open up a package, and it's as hard as a rock. Alternatively, maybe you created something that didn't work out as expected, and before firing it, you want to reuse the metal clay and make it into something new.

Depending on your working style and the types of things that you make, you can reconstitute and salvage the hardened metal clay back into something useable again. It's not the same and has some drawbacks such some extra waste and it's kind of sticky; however, the good news is that you don't have to throw it out. It may be more of a challenge to work with, but it's better then scraping it altogether.

Here's a good video by Metalchasers on Youtube that shows you how to reuse your hardened metal clay.

My last tip is that any little bits of scrap I can't fix end up in my jar of metal clay slip that I use to fill in holes or make connections.


  1. Would you be able to do this with just sanded clay? I have a bunch of filings from when I refine my pieces before firing. Thanks - this is great info.

    1. Hi Amy, Gosh I'm not sure. I've never tried it before, but I think it would be worth the experiment. If it doesn't work, I was thinking you could at least dissolve the filings and then create a mass of clay that could be fired and then sold for scrap. It always seems like a waste to let this stuff go. Thanks for checking out this post. xoxo Beth


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