Mind & Body Wellness: Taking Endorphins to Work

Small Space Bike Storage Desk
bike at work desk

While looking into bicycle storage options for small apartment spaces I came across this picture of a bike desk at Smarter Renter. They didn't know the source of this cool storage design idea but it got me thinking of something more interesting -- the effect endorphins have on the well being of your body and more specifically your mind.

What if while living a cubicle life at your nine to five job you had the option of riding a bike while working on the computer and answering the phone? How would this impact your energy, creativity, happiness, and willingness to build consensus?

Science has claimed over and over again that our body chemistry benefits from physical exercise and the rush of endorphins it brings. Trained to sit for long periods of time in classrooms while growing up, it seems like we rarely question the unhealthiness of sitting at a desk all day long. We've accepted this sedentary lifestyle as normal; however, our bodies were built for hunting and gathering -- extremely physical activities. Now instead of behaving in a way most natural to us, we artificially inject it into our lives by going to the gym, playing on a sports team, or squeezing a run in on the weekends.

While living in Portland, Oregon, I didn't understand why everyone was making such a fuss about riding a bike to work. I appreciated the ecological argument, but it wasn't until I started biking daily in Reno that I realized the serious impact this activity could have on your emotional and physical health, which could then spill over into all your relationships and work.

When I bike, I'm more relaxed, happy, creative, and present. What if everyone biked to work every day not only to be more gentler towards our environment but also a way to be more loving and kind towards themselves and others?


  1. Nothing beats feeling the burn! When I powerwalk up a hill, omg, the pain not only in my butt but the backs of my legs.. Just when u feel like u may collapse from the pain, the RUSH that comes right after! :-)
    As far as the photo, I sure wouldn't get much work done, I'd be too consumed w/that bike!

    1. That rush is spectacular! Haha, I know!! I wonder if I would get work done too :)

    2. That's horrible about the cat! I can't believe things like that happen. So sad.


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