Soul Lost & Found

Soul Lost & Found by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry
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Soul Lost & Found
by Beth Hemmila

When you fell into a puddle of endless midnight,
I severed a chunk of my soul and tied it around your heart like a tender reminder.

I thought I did it for you.
Like kissing your forehead before bed --
a secret talisman for braving the infinite void.

But I was wrong.
I did it for me.
You weren't afraid of sailing the dark ocean alone.
I'm terrified of navigating it without you.

Now you've returned to stitch a love patch back into my shattered Light.
Because I need it for the
singing, spinning, and dancing to come.

With each sweet stitch comes the sting of keen awareness
that I'm coming back to here.
Slowly you untangle my thread that got
caught up in you
and embroider an unforgettable message of love onto my soul.


  1. Wow, the meaning behind those words are so sweet and tenacious!.

    1. Thanks so much for enjoying the message in this poem!!

  2. I really can't say anything. This is beautiful, raw, and so tender.

    1. Thank you for hearing and resonating with these words :)


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