Free Jewelry Making Tutorial: Handmade Button Bracelets for Holiday Gifts

Button bracelets make a pretty cool handmade holiday gift for friends and family. It's also an easy enough project that kids can make button bracelets too. I like this stretchable button bracelet video by BeyondBracelets.net because the buttons stack and you can easily slip it on and off your wrist.

If you don't have a lot of extra buttons lying around, you can always make your own using polymer clay and acrylic paint.

Here are some more tutorials for making different kinds of button bracelets:

Simple button bracelet by Martha Stewart

Buttons and Safety Pins Bracelet by HungryHippie

Crochet Yarn and Button Bracelet by Fresh Juniper

Cord and Button Bracelet by The DIY Dreamer

Circle Button Bracelet by Micha Muses

Antique Beaded Button Bracelet

Vintage Button Cuff by Nest Full of Eggs

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