Mind & Body Wellness: Finding Your Mythological Archetypes

Mind and Body Wellness Finding Your Mythological Archetype by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry
mother archetype

In order to love, there has to be someone home inside… In honoring our own individuality, we honor the subtle relationships within ourselves… the part that seeks success, the part that fears it, the part that longs for commitment, the part that wants freedom, the inner child, the rebellious teenage, the pleaser, the nurturing parent… Learning to coordinate these internal relationships is the inner work of self-love.
- Anodea Judith, Eastern Body Western Mind

Archetypes and symbols are a way to understand your deeper nature and answer puzzling questions about your life. Archetypes can help guide you along your path and inspire decisions that are more in tune with your soul.

Universal archetypes exist in our collective unconscious and appear in mythology, fairy tales, and fantasy fiction as characters such the hero, trickster, sage, and great mother.

Your personality is a collection of archetypes that can evolve and change over time as you grow and transform your life. To find your archetype, you need to go within yourself and try on personalities and use your intuition to see if they ring true for you.

I developed a worksheet called Playing with Archetypes, which helps you identify and love all the different parts of yourself: mother, lover, clown, critic, etc. You can download the Playing with Archetypes worksheet by clicking here.

Included is a partial list of famous archetypes taken from the work of Caroline Myss and her book Sacred Contracts. For a more extensive list and detailed descriptions of each of these universal archetypes click here.

Archetypes.com is a social networking site where you can discover your archetypes and for a deeper look at archetypes check out the work of Joseph Campbell or Carl Jung

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