Sacred Sprouts: Book of Daily Positive Thoughts

Sacred Sprouts Book of Daily Positive Thoughts Affirmations by Beth Hemmila
It all started in 2009 when I decided to publish a book.

My first "book" was actually a pack of cards printed with the positive affirmations that I had written. Then a friend asked if I could teach her how to write these positive affirmations.

Interesting....could I teach others how to write their own positive affirmations that would help to re-script the negative stories causing havoc in their lives? I didn't know, but I wanted to try.

This spark of curiosity from a friend was the catalyst for writing Lemonade Mantras -- a book that teaches you how to write positive affirmations. Later Lemonade Mantras inspired my books Be Forgiveness and Love, Mindfulness & Food.

However, during this whole book publishing adventure, I never forgot about my original idea regarding a book of positive affirmations.

I had grand schemes all cooked up in my head with elaborate illustrations and such, but then as I went through a little bit of an emotional hiccup this past summer, I felt the urgency to just put words to a page and keep it simple.

Thus was born Sacred Sprouts: Mantras for Soulful Living. It's small -- approximately pocket size (4 x 7 inches) -- so it can travel in your purse and be pulled out on a moment's notice. Sacred Sprouts: Mantras for Soulful Living includes 70 of my best positive affirmations on love, prosperity, purpose, and peace and can be previewed and purchased at Lulu.com by clicking here.

I think of Sacred Sprouts: Mantras for Soulful Living like a tiny devotional prayer book. A set of gratitude-isms and insights that remind me to be more loving and kind towards myself, others, and my environment. Read the entire Sacred Sprouts: Mantras for Soulful Living in the morning or evening like a prayer or meditation, read it throughout the day when you stumble and things get rough, or read each passage as a daily devotional.

Whatever your method these positive affirmations will never fail to lift your spirit and keep you on a path filled with light.

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