Your Heart: Love's Super Computer

Over the summer I watched the movie I Am, which you can find on Netflix. I put it off for awhile because I've never been completely drawn to Tom Shadyac and his movies. Plus secretly I was reluctant to believe that someone so entrenched in Hollywood could change their life. However, I sent my skeptic out to lunch, and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. It's a movie that's interesting, good humored, and has a lot of heart.

There are fascinating bits of stuff from spirituality to science, and it all gets you thinking about the idea of cooperation over competition. However, one of my favorite parts from the movie is when Tom Shadyac speaks with the Institute of HeartMath, and they explain that the heart sends far more information to the brain than the other way around, which means the heart really is the boss of us.

Research has shown that compassionate states of being can help repair our physiology. So doing things like loving kindness or tonglen meditation in a sense are like going in and doing physical therapy on our heart and ultimately our bodies.

More importantly, they demonstrate that each heart creates a measurable electromagnetic field that is detected by other people's brains and can have a physiological affect on the people around us. In a sense, your heart and it's emotional intelligence is love's super computer and can communicate more with its energy than your words or actions.


  1. hey, watching dr. oz... and he's talking about black soybeans... have u had them? apparently they're higher in fiber than regular soybeans... also he had people testing it w/their daily diet... and found if they ate black soybeans they ate less of what they normally did...

    1. I've never had black soybeans...interesting!

    2. I googled and seems others are looking for them.. someone mentioned that Whole Foods and Trader Joe's weren't familiar w/them... I did see where WalMart was advertising that they had them.. another thing for me to search out... ;-)

  2. i too was completely enthralled with the information from the inst of heartmath. these things we feel and intuitively believe - like we aren't meat robots - re: the knowledge of the heart. it was very powerful and empowering to learn about. i agree about the reluctance to watch and had to send the skeptic out as well. being open - over and over and over again i am shown - is imperative to growth. terrific post as always!


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