Mind & Body Wellness: Discovering Hope on a Bike

Discovering Hope on a Bike by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry

 Hope feels like coming over the crest of a hill and seeing the other side.
 - Beth Hemmila

I live in a hilly area, so for the longest time I let my bike gather dust. The idea of having to bike up so many hills for enjoyment didn't seem like fun to me.

Then last summer I gave in to my curiosity, banished my laziness, and started tackling hills on my bike. It was difficult at first, but as I gained strength, I realized that all my painstaking work of biking uphill was worth the effort because on the other side was this inexplicable exhilaration of coming over the crest and rushing full speed downhill.

You can't help but laugh, smile, and cultivate a bit of hope when you ride downhill. It's an instant dose of happiness. 

When my mind and body finally caught on to the incredible gift that comes after all the strenuous work of biking uphill, I turned this part of riding into a meditation. Six seconds of mind and body bliss while rushing down a hill requires some serious grit and sweat, which is a lot like how life works. Many times you have to cultivate a tenacity to endure and stick with the mundane aspects of life to be treated to a flash of something glorious.

Now each push of the pedal is my body's mantra saying, "Yes," because just like in life I know what lies on the other side of all my hard work -- hope.

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